Journal Transformatio Editorial Vol 1 No 2


  • Rebekah Earnshaw Bandung Theological Seminary





Eight centuries before a babe was born and given the name “God with us,” Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on his throne as the seraphim cried. A threefold call of divine, transcendant holiness fills the prophet’s senses. The LORD of armies sits apart. This God is completely unlike the statues carved of wood. And before this burning holiness, Isaiah confesses his woe as one unclean. There is a stark divide here, between the purity of the King and the shame of His people.

Often theologians take that line and move it. We move it from between heaven and earth, to among our spheres of work, family, and church. We sever Monday to Friday from Sunday. We hastily divide ourselves from God and preach separated from our world.


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